The earthquake building code in Turkey

The Earthquake building code in Turkey has come more into the limelight after last earthquake devastating earthquake in Izmir. a quake of significant magnitude can mentally, emotionally, and physically damage any person who has the misfortune to experience one.

Safety ways to buy property in Turkey

Many people ask us what is the best and safety way to buy a property in Turkey. In years gone by, when Turkey first opened its housing market to foreign nationalities

The cost of living in Turkey - salaries in Turkey

As Property Superiors agency specializes in selling real estate in Turkey, many of our customers want to know the cost of living in Turkey, whether their goal is to live with their families or their goal is to buy investment properties with the aim of reselling them later or renting...

6 Reasons why you should invest in real estate in Turkey

People’s motives and goals vary when thinking about buying real estate in Turkey. Some of them are looking for an apartment with a Bosphorus view or a villa near the sea where they can spend short vacations all year round.

Type Of Residence Permit In Turkey

what are the requirements for applying for a residence permit in Turkey? Types of residence permits are the listed below:

How To Transfer The Title Deed Of The Property In Turkey?

Firstly, will collect all necessary documents and papers, as follows: Buyer's passport with a copy certified by a notary public and translated into Turkish. Buyer's tax number. Buyer identification form.

What Information Is Mentioned In The Title Deed In Turkey?

Here in this article, you can find all of the information that is recorded in the title deed or Tapu in Turkey, and they are detailed as follows:

What Are The Documents Needed To Extract The Title Deed In Turkey?

The extraction of the title deed, is one of the most important things to be owning a property in Turkey... So what are the documents needed to obtain a Tapu?

How Much Is The Title Deed Fee In Turkey?

Title Deed Fees or Tapu fees in Turkey amount to 4% of the property price. It is imposed by the state on both the seller and the buyer and is paid only once. An agreement is made between

Types Of Title Deed In Turkey (Full Legal Information)

The title deed of the property or the so-called (Tapu) in Turkey is the official document that proves the rights to own property in Turkey, in which the real estate survey numbers and information about the property such as the name of the property owner

7 Reasons Why Kartal district

7 Reasons Why Kartal district

The main features that make Kartal the number one destination for living and investment.

The most important reasons to buy a property in Turkey

In this article, we will mention to you the most important reasons that make people rush to buy a property in Turkey in terms of comfort of living and real estate investment.